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Bluetooth payments
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Payment and loyalty services for all types of phones – no matter what model or operating system.

Jiffee is a mobile contactless payment and loyalty system developed by the Braintri R&D team.

It is an innovative B2B product ready to be monetized, and an open tool that can be suited to your business needs.

Works on
Payments methods

We can enable any device to accept payments.

In 5-10 years, we will pay at devices that don't even exist today. Think of the Internet of Things or smart cities.
We don't know today what these devices will do, but whatever it is, you’ll certainly have to pay for it.

Finnovate award
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We’re happy to announce that Jiffee won the “Best of Show” award at Finovate Fall 2017.

More than 70 companies demoed their financial innovations but the audience voted for us. Thank you!

What is Jiffee

Jiffee is a practical application of our proprietary technologies: Bluetooth proximity authentication, a mobile payment scheme, and behavior-based discounts.

Jiffee is based on production-ready technologies that have limitless applications. It allows you to pay with any phone (Android or iPhone) to any phone, terminal (contactless or not) or any other device: vending machine, electronic cash register, turnstile, etc.

Jiffee is a secure solution designed for existing payment schemes, retailers (retail chains) and financial institutions.

With Jiffee, everyone benefits from easy mobile payments. Just tap and pay.

Main features

iOS and Android compatibility

One payment solution for all smartphone operating systems. Jiffee technology can be embedded in any app; for example, it’s compatible with iPhones without Apple Pay.

Mobile Wallet

The applications are quick and easy to use. Jiffee enables you to connect your debit/credit cards, bank accounts and other payment schemes as a source of funds. You don’t need to carry a wallet – your phone is enough.


Open apps using your individual PIN. Each accepted contactless payment over $25 requires Touch ID or PIN confirmation. The operating range is 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) – close enough to be secure, far enough to be convenient.

Marketing channel

Know your customer. Gather profile and location data. Link all purchases. Combine your loyalty system and payments into a single, powerful marketing tool. Send personalized ads within 10 seconds of undivided attention during every transaction. Even if the customer isn’t physically in the store, our application can still maintain two-way active communication.


How it works

See payment process

It’s user-friendly for both end users and merchants:

  1. Merchant enters payment amount on terminal, phone or computer
  2. Client picks card or bank account and initiates payment
  3. Client confirms payment

Jiffee payment and loyalty technology

There are many ways to take advantage of our contactless mobile payments and loyalty technology. Any Bluetooth-enabled device can become a payment terminal.

While clients can use a phone to accept transactions, merchants can initiate them via a phone, tablet or computer as their point of sale thanks to three different device-dedicated apps. Even old POS terminals and electronic cash registers can begin a new life, going contactless with the USB Jiffee Bluetooth Adapter. Our payment and loyalty technology is designed for all payment types and supports all types of devices.

Use cases

Traditional retail

  • POS terminal
  • Android and iOS mPOS
  • Electronic Cash Register
  • eCommerce

Self service

  • Vending machine
  • Parking
  • Public transport
  • Transit turnstile
  • Access control

Internet of things

  • Home
  • Retail
  • Smart cities
  • Connected cars